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Enterprises today are challenged to innovate at a time of unprecedented competitive pressures and market uncertainty. Mobility, cloud, big data and social collaboration are changing the way work is done; forcing rapid IT transformation and redesign of business models. Expectation on IT has never been higher to meet the challenge and maximise the opportunity this change represents.

Benefits of IT Support Services

Expertise:  Outsourcing complex needs to IT Support Services allows your business to easily tap into specialist skills and knowledge. The lack of not having an in-house expert in a company will not stand in the way of taking advantage of the latest systems and technology.

Lower cost of ownership:  A managed business IT support service allows you to extend resources at minimal cost. The need for infrastructure and capital outlay can be dramatically reduced by incrementally adding on “add-ons” such as Hardware As A Service (HaaS) where Visysta On IT can supply additional servers or workstations at a small monthly fee.

Business Efficiencies:  The use of support services always results in higher levels of efficiencies by implementing a more focused use of current business resources. Your business will improve the establishment of best practices.

Return of investment:  Outsourcing your IT support services means that return on investment is easy to see due to measurable outlay, more efficient cost control and better service model. You IT budget can be easier to manage because you are guaranteed a fixed cost for IT services.

Even with access to the latest technology, many lack the in-house resources and expertise to respond fast enough to the pace of innovation. Others that can respond find that the complexity of the solutions they create drive up costs, impacting agility and the ability to leverage technology to drive growth.

Managed Services

Visysta delivers innovative IT managed services focused on business outcomes that transform the economics of IT, so you can realise the business value. We do this using both cloud and traditional technologies combined with the collective business, technical and industry expertise of our worldwide network of experts, with the rigor of an industrialised operating model, rich customer experience and unending helpfulness, so you can

Advantages For You

IT Help desk support
One number to call for all your issues
Flexibility and ability to resolve any concerns at first point of call
Continuous Monitoring
Monthly reports and consultations
You can customise our services to suit your needs
Pick and choose from any number of our core Managed services
Remote only and/or on-site support

Managed Network:  Eliminate the complexity and hassle of managing your network infrastructure. We provide service support for a wide range of networking products including LAN, wireless, firewall, load balancing, content filtering, IDS and WAN optimisation platforms.

Managed Devices:  Provide service and support for a large variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. With the rising demand for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) computing, simplify user device support.

User Support:  We are a leading managed services provider and our team of IT consultants and technicians will be available to support your staff in all aspects of IT – from assisting them with day to day IT support through to network administration tasks such as managing their mailboxes, user accounts and application access.
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