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Building a cloud environment requires the right mix of skills and experience. Whether on or off premises, single or multi-tenancy or combining your cloud technology choices with your existing infrastructure – preparation is key. Moving to a Cloud model requires expertise in datacentre solutions, networking, operating systems, application deployment, service provision and automation.

With experience gained through years of successful customer deployments, our team of experts can help you every step of the way, including with:

Cloud Readiness Assessments – to determine the right cloud technology for you

Cloud architecture and design – ensuring your technology of choice is designed for optimal performance

Cloud Deployment Services – using Data#3's extensive professional services capabilities to ensure your diverse technologies are working together, with full documentation and training provided

Migration Services – Our team of systems engineers will seamlessly migrate your data and selected applications to your new cloud environment without disrupting your business activities

Essential Support – We have the expertise to ensure down time is a thing of the past by supporting your cloud environment, whether you host in your own datacentre, use our IaaS, or even if you use a third party datacentre

Optimising the Cloud – Our team have the technical expertise to help you evaluate how to achieve the very best performance from your cloud solution.

Our Consulting services include

Cloud Readiness Assessment – identifying steps you can take to maximise the benefits of cloud.
Virtualisation Maturity Assessment – determining maturity of in-house virtualisation (Private Cloud).
Cloud Candidate Assessment – a close look at the current state of technology services and matching with appropriate cloud options.
Transition Planning – helping organisations to prepare to make a successful move while maintaining essential services.
Cloud Service Provider Assessment – assessing providers for suitability against considered business imperatives.

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